Floor Broker, Inc. specializes in flooring sales to renovation and new commercial construction projects in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Southern California.

RockLock Plus is our favorite waterproof floor for 2021 & 2022. It's an ideal floor for both commercial and residential installation.

  • 5.2mm (4.2mm core + 1mm IXPE Cushion for a quiet, comfortable floor)

  • 12 mil wear layer

  • 6”x48” Plank

  • Ceramic Bead Coating

  • Color Cut Bevels replicate a real wood floor

  • Extreme bevel protection avoids trapping dirt and debris for easy cleaning

  • Stone Composite Core (SPC) is more resistant to indentation than other vinyl products

  • Fast and simple installation by angling and snapping

  • Lifetime Residential Warranty

  • 10 Year Commercial Warranty

Allegheny is an amazing waterproof floor at an even more amazing price.

At double the industry standard for residential and multi-family use, this floor is one of the best quality to cost ratios in waterproof floors.

  • 5.0mm (4.0mm core + 1mm IXPE Cushion)

  • 12 mil wear layer

  • 7.13”x48.03” Plank

  • 50 different plank visuals for over 115 sf of variety before reaching another identical plank

  • Ceramic bead coating for superior scratch, scuff, and stain resistance

  • Antimicrobial coating resists microbe, mold, & mildew growth.

  • 20 Year Residential Warranty

  • 5 Year Light Commercial Warranty